Defense and Border Control

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Sphinx partner is one of the world player and European leader in the field. Sphinx focus its activities in:

  • Optronic: Thermal Imager and Multifunction Binoculars. Our best reference in Albania is our partnership with the Ministry of Interior and OSCE with more than 20 Thermal Imagers and almost 60 Multifunction Binoculars in duty.
  • Secured Telecommunications: From secured internet transaction to secured VoiP, from secured wired phone to secured Fax solution or GSM phone, Sphinx is enable to provide a turn key solution to its customers assuring confidentiality, authentification, discretion... Severals systems are actually in duty in Albania.


Sphinx Sh.p.k is a regional commercial and consulting representation company, which provides a range of services and products. Its know-how is expressed throughout some high technologies sectors such as Defense, Police, Security, Airports, Energy, Telecoms and Infrastructures and Information Technologies.


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Rruga "Ismail Qemali"
Pallati 34/1, Kati 1/3
Tirane - Albania
Tel: +355 4 24 00 340
Fax: +355 4 24 00 339