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For more than 20 years, engineers were occupied with various possibilities of making better use of daylight with buildings. All different kinds of light guiding techniques were examined and researched. Special attention was paid to holographic optical elements. They were already being used in small dimensions for light redirection in optics. The new thought that arose was to make these elements work in huge dimensions for the facades of buildings.

The engineers who were thoroughly fascinated by the transparent impressive light guiding systems, wanted more. They wanted a way of projecting moving pictures onto a glass panel. The result was a technique that still impresses people today. The system is a transparent projection screen, which enables video projections onto transparent surfaces in broad daylight. This means that projection in a bright environment and even outdoors is possible for the first time. Shop windows can be decorated so that from the outside the projection of a commercial is visible, but there is still a clear view from inside to the outside.


In its effort to publicise and sell, the transparent projection screen has opened doors to a completely new market – the market of transparent projection. The market now enjoys ever-increasing popularity.

Each market may find its presentation terminals due to our extensive range of transparent projection screens:

  1. Terminal: A unique design, technical brilliance will display your information in a way that is guaranteed to attract attention – even in a bright environment.
  2. Presenter: Complete, flexible, mobile, the Presenter is a presentation system with optional controlling software.
  3. Store: transparent Digital Signage displaying information and presentations at a sales location.
  4. Sign: Living facades. The system does not show pictures projected by a projector. A fixed motif is deposited in the screen.
  5. Touch Control: Information, interaction, imagination – this is made possible by combining the transparent projection technology and the capacitive touch control.


Sphinx Sh.p.k is a regional commercial and consulting representation company, which provides a range of services and products. Its know-how is expressed throughout some high technologies sectors such as Defense, Police, Security, Airports, Energy, Telecoms and Infrastructures and Information Technologies.


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