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Sphinx provides a wide range of condition monitoring solutions allowing end-user to control and avoid damages caused by water leakage, extremes temperatures, improper humidity and power failure.

The leak of methane gas is extremely dangerous and it has no odour it cannot be detected by people, unless its grave consequences become evident, even when inhaled in small concentrations. Sphinx provides one of the most modern construction technologies, based on the highest quality semiconductor sensors, able to offer high levels of reliability and precision. To guarantee effective safety, the gas leak detector must be combined with a solenoid valve that can interrupt the gas flow when there is an alarm.


Sphinx Sh.p.k is a regional commercial and consulting representation company, which provides a range of services and products. Its know-how is expressed throughout some high technologies sectors such as Defense, Police, Security, Airports, Energy, Telecoms and Infrastructures and Information Technologies.


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