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Sphinx Sh.p.k is a regional commercial and consulting representation company, which provides a range of services and products. Its know-how is expressed throughout some high technologies sectors such as Defense, Police, Security, Airports, Energy, Telecoms and Infrastructures and Information Technologies.

Sphinx deploys a rigorous and structured approach from project design, goal setting and product information through to contract negotiation, spin-off analysis and follow-up possibilities. In order to satisfy the customer’s need, Sphinx provides a global services solution.

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Your Business


Our Solutions are fully scalable for small airfields through to major international airports with complex security requirements across wide spread sites. 

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If your concern is to secure a local area, anti-social behavior, theft prevention, student and staff safety, visitor and supplier monitoring or protection of...

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Bank & Insurance

You wish to secure your area, to manage your staff, to be online informed on what is happening on your remote sites, to secure your properties...

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The gaming capital remains heavily dependent on aging analog equipment that is getting more difficult to maintain and replace, and is increasingly...

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Ranging from simple access control systems, through to fully integrated security solutions that can control and monitor numerous remote sites and facilities...

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In today’s society, a Hospital’s security is a high priority; all staff needs to be as vigilant as ever in identifying and reacting quickly to any suspect behavior. More and more...

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If your concern is theft prevention, visitor and staff security or fight violence, our solutions are ideally suited to help protect staff and visitors and secure facilities.

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Theft prevention, protection of goods, assets, facilities and secure area access the manufacturing industry has high security demands. Manufacturing sites must...

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In today’s society security for the retail sector is a high priority. Preventing shoplifting, vandalism and theft, while protecting staff and customers are all major security concerns.

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Implement a security system capable to prevent theft, intrusion, attack and allow to control and manage the flow of staff, visitors, goods, containers, ships, trucks… is a real need

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You are looking for visitor management, protection of staff & inmate, theft prevention, violence behavior, secure area, alarm management or fully integrated system...

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Professional Services

Data protection, secure area access, staff and visitor monitoring and disaster recovery are major concerns for large office based professional services such as legal firms...

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Mining, Oil & Petrochemical

Solutions are ideally suited to help protect and secure complex oil and petrochemical sites against a range of threats including terrorist attacks, theft, and secure area access control...

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Data protection, secure area access, staff and visitor monitoring and disaster recovery plans are major concerns for large office based Business and Industry services...

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Crime, violence, perimeter protection, staff and properties security is a major concern for a railway company. Our flexible solutions suit perfectly with your needs.

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Rreth Nesh

Durres Container Terminal SH.A. (DCT) operon Terminalin e konteinerëve në Portin e Durrësit që prej Shkurtit 2013. DCT është përgjegjëse për operimin, menaxhimin, mirëmbajtien dhe përmirësimin teknik të terminalit të konteinerëve.

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